Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yes More Characters from Venice!!!!

Here are a variety of different character groups that live in and around Venice. These are the people who can be found roaming the handball courts, bong shops and local clubs.

"Venice, a ghetto by the sea"- anonymous
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  1. hey fool,
    some of your thumbnail images aren't showin'up right away man.
    get your fool self t'gether.
    really like the wide format.
    better not show any bad angles of me - or my man will have words wid your man.

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  3. Really think the Bubble-blowing chica with Chihuahua works great.

  4. How about one of these homes takin his face-eatin' pooch to a dog fight?

  5. I don't see one overweight girl there. What part of town are you using for reference - in fact what state?