Thursday, February 5, 2009

2nd Rendered Character- "The Folks"

This is my second attempt at rendering one of the characters. This was a challenge due to the large amount of detail needed in creating the fabric for the wind-breaker. He is about 75% complete.

1st Rendered Character- "OG Venice"

This was my first attempt at rendering one of the "Veterano" characters. Its about 80% complete as of right now but adjustments will be made promptly.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yes More Characters from Venice!!!!

Here are a variety of different character groups that live in and around Venice. These are the people who can be found roaming the handball courts, bong shops and local clubs.

"Venice, a ghetto by the sea"- anonymous
My home

"Locals Only": The Characters of Venice Beach

Here is my process for developing the characters that inhabit Venice Beach. First I go through a series of preliminary thumbnail sketches. Then I develop a series of silhouette designs, which I then use to create large rendered characters.
This group of characters are known as "The Folks"

Yes this is my senior thesis.

Big Escy in this mutha*ucka

Was the word hummingbird? I just created this account, thought I should be part of the new age of technology. I have no art up yet, but it's coming soon.